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Khuzestan - Ahvaz

The drilling area of oil wells reached 31,000 meters

Deputy Managing Director of the National Iranian Drilling Company in drilling operations said: the drilling area of ​​oil and gas wells in the first four months of this year in the oil-rich areas of the country with the use of the company’s rigs reached 31 thousand and 35 meters.

According to the public relations of the National Iranian Drilling Company, Hamid Reza Khoshiand on Sunday (August 25) added: During this period, the drilling operations of 39 exploratory, developmental, descriptive and repair wells were completed and delivered to the applicant and exploiting companies.

He stated: Of these wells, one was an exploratory ring, 15 development rings, a descriptive ring and 22 additional repair rings, of which 31 wells have been drilled in the scope of activities of the National Company for Southern Oilfields.

Khoshyand said: “Also, from the aforementioned wells, three wells were drilled and finalized in the operational area of ​​the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, four in the development projects of the Oil Engineering and Development Company and one for the exploration management of the National Iranian Oil Company.”

Deputy Managing Director of the National Iranian Drilling Company in drilling operations, noting that the company owns more than 70 onshore and offshore drilling rigs, added: “Currently, 9 onshore rigs of the company’s fleet are moving in operational positions.”


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